“The Right Chemistry of Products”

Adhesives and Sealant Systems for Electronic and Opto-Electronic Instruments
Resin Designs™ has developed technology for manufacturing application solutions required for light emitting diodes (LED), optical displays, image sensors, opto-couplers, detectors and infrared devices. We offer a complete line of adhesives and sealant systems suitable for the continuing technological development in display manufacturing.
Our electrically conductive systems are designed specifically for microelectronic and optoelectronic applications. ACURA™ conductive adhesives provide both a mechanical bond and an electrical interconnection.
Key performance features include: primer-less adhesion, very high thermal management, high purity and low ionic content, wide operating temperature range and room temperature cure. These features are excellent for sensitive components, non-solderable substrates and EMI/RFI shielding applications.

Engineered High Performance Encapsulants
Resin Designs™ produces a wide range of potting and encapsulating products designed to meet high performance requirements in aerospace, automotive and electronic applications.
Our high purity encapsulants are self-leveling, void free systems that protect your assemblies from the degrading environmental and operating effects of chemical exposure, moisture, thermal cycle and shock, current leakage and vibration.
Key performance benefits include excellent dimensional stability, low shrinkage, low exotherm, large mass potting systems, outstanding dielectric properties, wide operating temperature range and heat transfer capabilities.

Silicone Based Sealants and Thermal Materials
GelTek™ is a soft, silicone-based gel sealant. Resin Designs™ connector seal grommets & sealing strips provide sealing and corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor equipment, including connectors and electrical components. The material is cold applied like conventional tapes and grommets or gaskets. It has sealing capabilities similar to high- performance potting compounds and is superior in conformability to traditional elastomeric gaskets. This material is unique among high- performance sealing materials because when under compression, GelTek™ Sealant Strips and Connector Grommets form a watertight seal as well as displace moisture and electrolytes on contact providing long-term corrosion protection.
GelTek™ GND & EMI Electrically Conductive Gaskets are dual-purpose products that combine sealing and moisture resistance with EMI-RFI shielding for electrical grounding and energy dissipation. These features offer temporary or permanent electrical continuity between irregular conductive surfaces.

Adhesives for Medical Devices, Food Machinery and Other Regulated Products
Resin Designs™ manufactures a full line of critical application, USP Class VI/USDA approved resin systems widely used in the development and production of medical devices, food machinery and other regulated products. These one and two component systems are designed to meet the most demanding requirements as bonding agents, moisture/ chemical barriers and encapsulants.

Resin Designs™ is one of the few companies offering a proven group of resin systems in this field, tested to meet both USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility.

Adhesive Systems
We offer a comprehensive line of multifunctional resin systems that can bond, form composites, seal and isolate over a wide range of substrates. Reliable, high-performance and cost-effective, these systems are engineered to deliver strength, durability, lightness and aerodynamic shape and value to your product. Our line offers the user a variety of physical and electrical properties that allow matching an adhesive with specific application parameters.
Our structural adhesives are formulated to withstand severe impact and peel forces, while offering excellent chemical and temperature resistance. They improve product performance and aesthetics while reducing assembly time and cost.

Adhesive Films and Preforms
TechFilm™ is a 100% B-staged adhesive. It is a partially cured film format that can be custom manufactured for specific customer requirements. Preforms can be screen-printed or die cut per the customer’s requirements. They provide customers with an alternative to liquid adhesive systems that combines superior performance and quality with the ease of handling and material uniformity.
TechFilm™ products can be designed to fulfill electrically isolating, electrically conductive or thermally conductive applications.

UV Systems That Allow Multifunctional Curing
Resin Designs™ introduced the use of light curing adhesives, sealants, potting compounds and coatings to the commercial, medical, and electronics industries. Vivid Cure Systems react in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light in conventional and LED curing systems. They offer superior adhesion and performance to a variety of substrates. Vivid Cure Systems are moisture and humidity resistant, solvent and residue free, and available in gap filling viscosities. Additionally, our two-component Vivid Cure Systems allow for complete shadow cure.