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Optimizing Rear Grommet Sealing of Electrical Connectors with Resin Designs GT Gel Pads

Introduction Resin Designs brand GelTek™ Silicone GT gels are perfect for sealing automotive electrical connectors. However, in regards to sealing applications, the item being sealed and the seal itself are one system which cannot be treated independently. This is also true for silicone gel seals for electrical connectors. In order to achieve sufficient sealing, the […]

Potting & Encapsulating Compounds

Between regularly checking our phones to listening to our iPods, electronics are beginning to consume our daily lives. Nearly every industry has been revolutionized by electronics – aerospace, automotive, medical, recreational, home appliance and more. Every product manufacturer has become a by-product of the ever-growing electronic technology. These industries are now in need of scientists, […]

Advancements in Light Curing Adhesives

Over the past four decades, there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the adhesives industry. Specifically, in the late 1980’s, the adhesive industry recognized a substantial amount of improvement especially with the introduction of acrylic-based adhesives, that polymerize on exposure to UV light. This UV technology completely surpassed traditional room temperature curing adhesives.

The History of LEDs

LED-based lighting has become an increasingly popular topic among various markets. In contrast to incandescent forms of lighting, LED lighting appears dimmer the hotter they get. While there are certainly concerns about LEDs not working efficiently, there is more motivation to consider their thermal performance.

The Various Methods for Curing UV Adhesives

A majority of manufacturers, including Resin Designs, understands that new technology is frequently misunderstood. For example, let’s circle back to 15 years ago when suppliers of LEDs believed that this light source could cure UV adhesives more cost efficiently than mercury bulbs, metal-halide bulbs and electrodeless bulbs. Manufacturers also believed the following: LEDs last extensively […]

Selecting Thermal Interface Materials

A common limiting factor in the advancement of electronics systems is heat. The need to manage heat removal with a cost effective solution is a significant driver in the design of many electronic devices. Thermal interfaces play a huge factor in a device’s operation both in performance and reliability. Thermal interface materials (also referenced as […]